The technology we use connects the modern world through complex, unpredictable, chaotic and potentially disruptive systems. Security in this environment is challenging, but it’s not magic.

Our Approach - ALULA

Our boutique approach to security for todays interconnected world is customizable, accessible and built for small and medium sized businesses. Technology should be exciting and help you do amazing things. It should not be scary or expose you to risks that could shut your doors. We call our process ALULA and here is how it works.


Each engagement begins with an advisory session where we empower you to select the path and desired end state that aligns with your regulatory, compliance and organizational goals that fits within your time and budgetary constraints.


Next we work alongside you to collect information about your organization and existing cyber strategy and compare that to your desired end state. After a comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment we provide a detailed report that includes information required to make informed decisions that plots out where you currently sit in relation to your desired cybersecurity goal.


Technology thrusts us into a tangled web of issues that leads to confusion and frustration. Our process helps untangle this knot based on the maturity model you selected and the information we gathered through the Learn phase. Working from the same sheet of music we become your cybersecurity team and in collaboration with you we develop a realistic and mutually agreed upon action plan to achieve your goals.


This is where the fun starts. Our experienced team of cybersecurity experts implements the strategy we developed together using open source tools, user friendly technology and an approach that integrates technical solutions with user training and corporate policies. This approach creates an agile, informed and dynamic cybersecurity strategy that grows with you. You will not be tied to a vendor or left with technology you can’t use.


How is it working, do we need to adjust? We build in technology that measures the effectiveness of the solutions we implement. We stay engaged as your Information Security Operations team to make adjustments based on data and real-time information.


  • Cyber Strategy

    • Cyber Goal Setting
    • Risk Assessment
    • Policy Planning
  • Training & Cyber Culture

    • Technical Training
    • Certification Prep
    • End User Awareness Training
  • Vulnerability Assessments

    • Asset Identification
    • Customized Audits
    • Remediation Recommendations

About Us

Our team is made up of three essential dedicated members. We each bring unique skill sets to the table that will help Alula succeed. We all believe in Alula, have put time and effort into developing the concept and are ready to do what is necessary to take it to the next level. The roles of our core team members include:

Marcelle Lee

Founding Partner, Technical Operations and Finance Lead

Dustin Shirley

Founding Partner, Technical Lead

Michael Volk

Strategy, Business Development and Marketing Lead

Leadership Team Combined Experience:

Technology, networking and cybersecurity experience – 28 Years

Education and training – 22 Years

Technology workforce development – 9 Years

Business development – 23 Years

Program and project management – 25 Years

Over a dozen technology and cybersecurity industry certifications